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Please note: despite happening in public places, the images may contain pictures of nudity, signs with swear words, and general craziness.

These are sorted with newer material sorted by date and some older events sorted by topic. I also have an index by topic.

Walk For Life - January 21st, 2012
Open Carry - October 22nd, 2011
Walk For Life - January 22nd, 2011
San Francisco Tea Party
- April 15th, 2010
UC Day of Protest - March, 2010
Tinfoil Hat folks - December, 2009
Protesting Obama's 30,000 troops
- December, 2009
The Tree Sitters just won't let go - November, 2009
Evilmongers! (aka healthcare protest)
- August, 2009
Obama stickers and general update - January, 2009
An assortment of Black Friday protests
- November 28th, 2008
Code pink gives up - September 24th, 2008.
The tree sitters come down - September 9th, 2008.
The Berkeley Mulch Grove - September 8th, 2008.
Chainsaws at the Berkeley oak grove - September 5th, 2008.
Quick Berkeley tree sit and USMC office update - August 21st, 2008.
Zombies rampage through San Francisco! - August 16th, 2008
Anonymous versus Scientology - July 12th, 2008
Attempts are made to resupply the Berkeley Tree Sitters
- June 22nd, 2008
Continuing Berkeley Oaks raid
- June 18th, 2008
Big police raid on Berkeley Oaks the day before the court decision - June 17th, 2008
San Francisco May Day Events - May 1st, 2008
Daniel Pipes/Victor Davis Hanson at UC Berkeley
- April 29th, 2008
World Can't Wait's Monthly Big Rally at USMC - April 18th, 2008
San Francisco Olympic Torch Run - April 9th, 2008
BAMN takes a day off from school - March 31st, 2008
Massive pro-Troop Rally at Berkeley USMC Office
- March 22nd, 2008
5th Anniversary of the War in Iraq - March 19th, 2008
By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) versus SAT
- March 13th, 2008
Berkeley USMC Update - March 12th, 2008
Berkeley Tree Sit Update
- March 12th, 2008
Marines Tree Sit General Berkeley Nonsense
- February 29th, 2008
Some random tree sit in Berkeley
- February 27th, 2008
Marine Supporters Outnumbering Code Pink
- February 27th, 2008
World Can't Wait versus Marines - February 22nd, 2008
Resupply, day after raid on Berkeley Oak Grove Tree Sit - February 20th, 2008
Police raid on the Berkeley Memorial Stadium Oak Grove - February 19th, 2008
Berkeley Protests Marines At City Council Meeting - Evening - February 12th, 2008
Berkeley Protests Marines At City Council Meeting - Morning - February 12th, 2008
Direct Action to Stop the War versus Obama - February 5th, 2008
Code Pink at the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Office
- January 8th, 2008
Berkeley Memorial Stadium Oak Grove Protest - January 6th, 2008
Berkeley Memorial Stadium Oak Grove Protest - December 2007

Stupid Signs - Ongoing (these aren't political signs)

(Unfortunately I went to neither Pride nor Folsom in 06 or 07)
Gay Pride Parade 2008
Gay Pride Parade 2005
Gay Pride Parade 2004
Gay Pride Parade 2003

Folsom Street Fair 2004
Folsom Street Fair 2002

Breast Freedom Parade 2000
Breast Freedom Parade 1996
Breast Freedom Parade 1995

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