2003 was an interesting year politically for the pride parade. Same sex marriage was an issue, but it was seen as more of a long term goal. The major political issue at the time was trying to get anti-sodomy laws thrown out in the courts. There were some anti-Bush digs but basically snarky - nothing super mean spirited. Basically the parade was primarily not political, and as a result there really aren't that many shots here compared to later years.

Pride Parade Photo

Dykes on Bikes - just one or two signs similar to this one carried by the bikers.

Pride Parade Photo

Note the Nun motif - you see this more with some groups than others, but it's a recurring theme. "Where there is sin, there we must go" - well, have fun once you get there!

Lambda Legal bragging about some recent court victories. This refers to winning against a Texas sodomy law.

Same kind of deal - they're more focused on anti-sodomy laws than marriage.

This wasn't long after the invasion and the whole "Shock and Awe" strategy.

There were token numbers from a couple of relatively conservative groups - generally didn't carry a lot of signs, basically the fact that they were there was their statement.

This has nothing to do with anything political, I just thought I'd share. The White Rats are a Morris dancing group that attach their bells the hard way - with thread. They're there every year, but since 2003 was light on politics I'm throwing the local color shots in here.

The various friends/relatives gay support groups were there - you see those "Queer Spawn" shirts every year - but they hadn't really hooked into the marriage aspect yet. This is Colage.

More of the same, better view of the shirt. I'm told you can get them through Colage but I didn't see a link to order on their page.

Another one of those pre-printed marriage signs somebody in the audience had. The person in the foreground I believe was a "Carnaval leftover" - some Carnaval groups also go to the pride parade.

And that's really it for 2003 - basically more about gay lifestyle stuff, some politics but mostly focusing in on anti-sodomy laws and just a titch about marriage.


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