This is more just to show general San Francisco craziness than anything else, frankly. But it's partially because of a report on zombietime that concerned the rather non-child safe atmosphere (duh). Some of the crazier stuff's new - the craze for walking around with an erection all day long appears to depend on a certain amount of medical technology that wasn't quite so widespread even in 2004. I didn't see any blowjobs taking place, although one gal did give her dance partner a public handjob (to completion). Then again I wasn't there for a very long time - it's interesting, but it's also very crowded and it gets to be a bit much after a while.

This is kind of a normal scene - crowded, everybody's just trying to move around, there's maybe a few people who aren't fully dressed but nothing wildly exciting going on.

Over in a dance area - this is the couple that ended up doing the handjob. You see somebody else is videotaping - they had probably a dozen people photographing them by the end.

Hi, we've never seen cute girls before, can we pose with you and act like we know you?

Folsom handshake.

More crowds, more not quite dressed but not exactly naked people.

Always a nice look - notice the number of people who are basically just there in shorts and a t-shirt.

She's working a booth.

In particular a booth selling bondage merit badges.

All in all, I wouldn't have brought my kids, but nothing like what was recorded a couple of years later. I'll have to go in 2008 and see how things have changed.


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