This is the index page for my photographs of the protests marking the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq.

10:30am - San Francisco - Die-In at Market and 3rd (lots of arrests!)
11:30am - San Francisco - Snake March Through City
12:00am - Berkeley - USMC Recruiting Office (aka Officer Selection Station)
5:00pm - San Francisco - Major rally -

This was the main event - the big gathering in downtown San Francisco in front of city hall. It was small compared to years past - "hundreds" of people according to the local newspapers. Since it doesn't really what sequence these shots were taken in, I've organized them by topic. Some of these reports are much longer than others, and they have varying levels of commentary as well.

Best of - my favorite half dozen (or so) shots
Patriots - a small but effective group of counter-protesters
Bush Derangement Syndrome
Yay for Drugs
Portraits (interesting characters, etc.)
Interesting signs and flags that didn't fit in anywhere else
Communist/Capitalist (people selling stuff)
Overview shots - things that set the stage, provide context


Thanks for the links...
Until the dust settles I'm not going to try to look at, let alone mention every single link, but thanks to Bookworm Room for much support and an early link, and to Little Green Footballs (*) and Michelle Malkin and The Jawa Report links. Also to Zombie for starting things rolling, and for a great report.


(*) This is before Charles started banning everybody, including me.

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