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Basically after they announced the next San Francisco event would be a poetry reading, I decided to hit the east bay on the way home, then rest and recharge before trying again in the evening. Here's my report from the US Marines Officer Selection Station (aka Recruiting Office).

Your classic overview shot - there's folks there but some are police or counter-protesters as we'll see. I omitted some communists next door but you'll see them later.

Lots of cops across the street. This report is going to be heavy on pictures of cops but it's necessary to convey the scene.

Green Party dude. Note the pro-Marine Berkeley High School students. They said they came to try to convince Berkeley High School students, who were very active in the Feb 12th protests, not to join these guys when they took the subway to the city in the evening. Either it was effective or unnecessary because I didn't see any obviously anti-Marine high school students.

OK, that's a communist thing, it's just a good place to get attention.

You get the idea. Kind of a second rate protest frankly.

Lots of Berkeley cops ride bikes.

When these guys look bored you know nothing much is happening. But why aren't they breaking into the office as their announcements claimed they would?

Oh, that's why. (Note - these are different cops than the ones across the street). There were probably 25 cops on this block.

She's in the across the street group but I wanted to point out the video camera and the soda in the helmet. A lot of what the cops do is record people doing stupid things and arrest them if it gets too bad. But mostly they wait.

This guy was down the street prepping a truck.


These next three shots are different groups of cops next to the subway openings.

That's around 35-40 I have pictures of in a two block area.

These guys were the last thing I saw before I popped down into the subway - somehow they survived walking past the dozen cops I just showed. A miracle if there ever was one.

PS Why no code pink at the office? Well, they had better things to do - Medea and that gang were all off in DC protesting at the IRS building. Remember that when they tell you this is their #1 issue.

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