These are from Wednesday, April 9th 2008 in San Francisco, CA. This was the day of the Olympic Torch run through the city. This will be a mammoth multi page report - page 1 (this page) will be a sampling of what I saw - if you're interested there will be a link to the rest of the report in more of a narrative structure.

The "route" - very funny Mr. Mayor. (the torch never touched the route at all)

There were so many little signs and just a moment to shoot them.

Banners pulled by airplanes.

Anti-Tibetan propaganda.


Not just about Tibet!

It was about equal numbers of pro and anti China.

As well as some neutrals.

Lots of police.

OK, lots and lots of police.

More propaganda.


Furry! (Gorilla mask)

Nudity. (I added the green dot, I've decided to make this report a penis free zone.)

Some protests more elaborate than others.

Identity politics.

One last guy before the subway!

You can also see the video version...

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