These are from Saturday, August 16th 2008 in San Francisco, CA.

Well, it was a tragic day in San Francisco as a Zombie Mob invaded and took over a large part of downtown, scaring the tourists and running straight through two real protests (which I'll also cover as long as I'm at it. If you want to skip to the video, feel free.

Armed with a rough map of the first part of the route and a twitter feed on my cell phone I knew about where the zombies would be, but not exactly. For some reason there were performance artists everywhere which didn't help any.

This guy had a crowd which seemed like they might be waiting to be converted into zombies (indicated by a duct tape X on their chests). Alas, more performance art.

Well, maybe we can ask these folks.

Oh, dear, maybe we shouldn't.

San Francisco's such a protest town that some folks had to basically force this into that motif - there were a number of variations, as well as chants like "What do we want? Brains! When do we want them? Brains!" or "No peace without brains!"

I got ahead of the mob. Pretty decent numbers - the subway had massive delays and they purposefully set it up so that folks could join at various points around the route. There were probably 350 zombies by the end, no joke. Anybody saying they had a very successful protest because 100 people showed up should think about why a purely fun event with no cause outdid them by so much.



Well, you get the idea.


Ditto. Actually if you want to meet cute girls and don't really go for the Berkeley Hippie type the zombie crowd's much younger and cuter. Of course, they'll eat your brains, but it's just a question of priorities.

Notice the duct tape. Some folks brought rolls so they could help folks get converted, although I suspect if you asked politely they'd eat your brains anyway. Personally I was safe - I was under deep cover as a code pink person and I just waved my pink feather boa at them and they knew there were no brains to be had here!

Cars got a lot of attention. Luckily everybody loved it. Lots of tourists had a nice San Francisco moment.

I knew zombie had a website, but TV?

Oh, dear. (It does wash off, by the way. Good thing - they mostly tried very hard not to get blood on private property and bystanders but I was right in the thick of things and bumped my camera into a couple of fresh converts who hadn't dried yet.)

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