This is part two of two of the Berkeley Memorial Stadium Oak Grove Protest. If you haven't seen it already, see part one.

There was a token cop out for a while. A few people hassled him like the guy holding the sign in front of his face. He made it clear that he was asked to show up and make sure it was peaceful but had no interest in stopping passing up supplies in violation of a court order.

OK, now they have a big sign labeled "Native Burial Ground" (which it isn't) whose purpose is to a) provide misinformation to passing drivers and b) to provide some kind of shield while they're actually attaching the ropes to the supplies. They were very, very paranoid that they'd be arrested at any minute, or that any of the photographers would be bad guys. I had a few of them come up and chat in such a way that it was clear they were checking me out.

There it goes! Interesting how they're blocking the view from behind but not from the side. Guess they decided I'm OK, or maybe it's more for the look of the thing than to actually block anybody. I actually have lots of shots of them hooking everything up and sending it skyward, but really, who cares?

Plastic, not paper.

More of the same. There's that photographer on the right.

Note they're letting him get right in there and shoot the people hooking up the food despite all of the holding up of shields.

This is a full backpack. Once they raised it to that platform they had a system to move it over to the other trees. It was kind of funny - things got caught up in the brush if they didn't keep things tight.

This went on for quite a while. I got bored of shooting it...

...and started looking for other shots. Close up of all the crap in the oaks.

Another overview shot.

Note the guy with the guitar.

No protest is complete without an accordion (actually she was pretty good).

Same photographer/protester I mentioned I was going to pick on. He has an expensive white L lens attached to an expensive Canon brand x2 teleconverter but he hasn't put the hood on correctly (it's reversed for storage - you can shoot that way in a pinch but it takes about 10 seconds to point it the right way and definitely anybody who had time to put on a teleconverter could reverse the hood). I'm also not sure why he feels like he needs a teleconverter given that lens, but whatever. Point is with the hood backwards you can see he has a UV filter on which some people put on in the hope that if they drop their lens it will protect the glass. This is kind of like wearing a belt and suspenders - if you have a hood to protect the lens you don't need a UV filter. He also has his pop up flash up, like that's going to do anything at that distance except slow down the camera. I have this image of him getting thousands of dollars of gear for Christmas and not really knowing what any of it's for. I just hope it wasn't paid for out of donation money.

This is Zachary RunningWolf who was burning sage and giving an interview (more on that in a moment). He was spewing amazingly weird things - saying he lost the mayoral election because of electoral fraud (he got 6% of the vote) and that the oaks were becoming a major issue and that he'd win next time. He also claimed that if he was elected he'd be the first "indigenous" mayor in the country which is crazy. If you just Google first native american mayor you'll find others saying they were the first in their state or whatever, takes about two seconds to check that "fact".

Notice the little video camera. He talked for a long, long time. Gotta push your own political agenda, after all.

Mote shots of the band. Notice accordion girl again.

The band again, and a juggler. I'm at the far end of the protest looking back, and there's that red Volvo.

Who got much more energetic when somebody started paying attention.

Way far out view.

This was about half way through the schedule time but frankly I got bored. These things take a lot more time than you would think just looking at the pictures. Here it is from the other side - there's that same useful Volvo and you can see the banner and the scale of the protest (the band and jugglers are behind the car in front of the Volvo).


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