These are from Thursday, December 10th 2009 in San Francisco, CA. This was basically a happy accident. I was walking in the park across from city hall, and hey, people with signs. And then I later walked back and hey, still people with signs. Each time I took just a couple of pictures. These are actually mixed from the two passes so if the number of people seems to jump around a bit that's why.

I'm afraid I didn't have a professional camera, and I apologize for the lack of the quality I usually strive for.

Wide angle... it's just a cluster of folks, all huddled in. Usually protesters spread out but these were all chatting.

I got lucky on this one and they actually seem to be posing for somebody else's picture. Polite folks. About a dozen of them - which is now my standard for a small protest. If you can't get a dozen folks to show up (and it happens all the time) you're not as popular as these folks. Think about that a bit.

Hard to argue with this. I really wish I could make out the logo and URL - I'd love to check out the websites of these folks. If it's not clear when they talk about electronic this and electronic that they mean CIA mind control stuff. They weren't visibly wearing tinfoil hats, but you get the idea.

Update: That text at the bottom says "Freedom from covert harassment and surveillance" Their website is (I generally don't provide direct links, nothing personal, but if you're curious feel free to copy and paste). Thanks to the anonymous person who provided me with this information. One interesting aspect is that this was on their calendar as a coordinated event in five cities worldwide as part of the UN Human Rights Day. "Second annual". So these aren't habitual social protesters or professional protesters - it's something they do very occasionally. I also found in their latest newsletter references to a $29 shielded baseball cap and a whole section on "Shielding Tips" which includes "multiple layers of foil" as one of many options. So now I can call them tinfoil hat folks guilt-free.

MK-ULTRA was one of those crazy CIA things from the bad old days when they gave people LSD to see what happened with goals of mind control. If they're still doing some of the stuff they used to do obviously that's a bad thing and I don't really disagree with these folks at that level (who would?). It's just a question of a) do you believe the CIA still does this stuff, and b) why exactly are the protesters in front of city hall. Even the federal building's a better choice. Pelosi's office is just a couple of blocks away. It's hard to dislike these folks but you definitely have to wonder about how they got to where they are.

Poor guy. From other shots I can puzzle out that his shirt says "I am the victim of secret mind control and manipulation. You may be" and then I can't make out the rest.

Chemtrails are what normal people call contrails - the condensation paths from jets. Some folks think it's the government spraying stuff for some evil purpose (usually some kind of genocidal or mind control reason). Just put "chemtrail" into any search engine for details. Electronic targeting - again, CIA mind control stuff.

No idea what that sign in the back says, but part of the point is to show some faces - these look like fairly normal folks. I don't know what drove them to stand for hours in the crappy weather we've been having but you can't doubt their determination in their cause. Which is of course part of the point of protesting - to show that you have the numbers and you're serious and committed to the cause. Sometimes it's good to keep in mind that doesn't necessarily mean that you're right.

So there you have it. No deep conclusions here but I now have a line in the sand. If a protest can't have more than a dozen people they're less popular than the tinfoil hat crowd. Like, um, this one from Code Pink where four people showed up or this anti-war protest where eight people showed up.


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