These are from Saturday, January 22nd 2011 in San Francisco, CA. There were two groups of protesters here - the Walk for Life (pro-life) group, and a mixed group of counter protesters. This is the much larger pro-life crowd (40,000 versus maybe a hundred). You can see the main index here.

As with many of these events, there was a rally (code for "speeches") and a march. It was difficult to get anywhere near the plaza people were meeting at because there were so many people, but I kept circulating until I found a viewpoint or two where I could look inside. Then we'll get photos of the marchers.

I'm going to be relatively light on commentary. The organizers were trying to keep things upbeat and there were a lot of happy baby signs and only a couple of folks with off-message signs.

Update: I got this report up a couple of hours after the march started. I sent an email about this report to two bloggers I read and thought might be interested, then went to dinner. When I got back, I was already getting hate mail from the political left so I thought I'd better check my referrer logs to see what was going on. One of the bloggers, Michelle Malkin, had been kind enough to tweet this link. Sarah Palin's twitter retweeted it, and it seems to be making the rounds from there. It's amazing how fast that happens these days. Thanks to everybody who's linking!

Update 2: KTVU says the crowd was more like 50,000. It's always hard to judge the size of a large crowd, and I'm uninterested in quibbling about the exact number (sorry, angry emailers!), but suffice to say I never dreamed the crowd would be so large, or that the counter protesters would be so few.

Let's start with some of the more popular mass produced signs.

Who knew?

I thought it was interesting just how may signs were in spanish and how big the Latina/o contingent was.

Going down this sidewalk wasn't easy.

Abortion kills children.

So far this is all on the sidewalk which was trying to contain the overflow from the actual event. Finally I approached a way in.

I'm stil just getting bits and pieces, but I'll get there.

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