I almost always have some kind of camera with me and I decided as of today that when I see a stupid sign I'm going to take a picture of it. If that's not your thing please feel free to check out the rest of the site.


I've never understood why people find it necessary to put an apostrophe before every possible 's' (and interestingly enough it's not Popeye's Chicken - you can find all kinds of blogs ranting about this and if it means anything). The ATTN: is interesting as well - usually you see that at the top, saying who it's to. Here it's at the bottom, apparently as a signature but if you read it right it's basically telling management that they're not allowed in the bathroom, since it's for customers only.

Sorry about the blur - it was right out next to the register and some businesses get cranky about shooting on their property so I took a really quick shot as best I could. But same deal here - every possible s is an 's (corrected on some copies by the customers, copies out of reach of customers were unmarked). Again, it's to the attention of management, but apparently the whole Management Team this time. And the 20.00 dollars instead of just 20 dollars is interesting.

That Popeye's about a block from a school and is packed with school kids. Way to set a nice example!


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