These are from Tuesday, May 1st 2008 in San Francisco, CA - May Day. If you got here directly, you might be interested in the main index page for this report.

This is kind of an odd sign because it's basically an advertisement of the event we're at. And there were a ton of them - people clearly just grabbed the flyers and put them on a stick and were done.

There were a lot more mixed-language instead of Spanish-only signs like you get sometime, so I'm not going to bother to repeat the translation when it's redundant or generally obvious.

These two guys with the flags are what CNN used to illustrate the march (from more of a straight-on angle). Do you think just a picture of those two guys would be a fair representation given what you've seen so far?

That's Frank Chu in the background. If that doesn't mean anything to you, he's a local nut. He was exhausted after being at both the morning and evening marches and he vanished into the parking garage under city hall soon after I took this.

Something about not tolerating an unjust world on the left, and all you really need to see on the other one is "social justice" and FMLN which is a communist organization.

"the cry of liberation of our people and nothing and nobody can stop it"

There was a whole bunch of education-related signs - in part this is all about a movement to make it easier for illegals to get financial aid.

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